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What do I wear?

General Note About Clothing: There is no dress code for the retreat. It really is ‘come as you are’. Some women opt for business- casual, while others opt for casual-casual or even fancy-fancy. Wear what you feel most comfortable in and what will help you stay focused throughout the day. 

However, layers are key! You'll want the option to stay warm in the air-conditioned seminar room, and to be able to cool down after one of our epic dance breaks so make sure you bring layers you can add or remove during the day as necessary.

Specifically however you will need the following;

  • sportswear for morning exercise which should include trainers/sneakers & socks
  • sandals/flip-flops
  • swimsuit (if you plan on swimming - there's a beautiful outdoor pool - and the sea of course!) 
  • sunscreen – even on a mild day the effects of the sun can be deceptive 
  • sunglasses
  • warm top (shawl or sweater) for the air-conditioned seminar room which can sometimes feel very cool
  • pyjamas
  • Party Outfit #1 (Eve Day 3): Beach, tropical, Luau theme
  • Party Outfit #2 (Eve Day 5): 1920’s Speakeasy theme

Other items you may need;

  • we provide a notebook but feel free to bring extra writing material
  • water bottle (optional – there is a water cooler in the seminar room and cups)