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UPDATE - Silvia V -

Dear Team!

This is Silvia, one of the last December 2016 retreat's graduate. I would like to send my most warm greetings to Matthew and all the wonderful team and share a little bit of my continuous learning processes and life happenings...

First of all just to tell that I have a wonderful memory from my week at the retreat and Ooh from the location! I'd love to come back there (but sorry.. just for a holiday ;-9 !! )   Just simply to say that I am deeply thankful for all the work you do.. I continue to watch and read Matthew's advice and other authors's advice, besides the books  he recommended. It is indeed an ongoing process, never ending and fascinating.

There is a particular advice and task he gave at the retreat that at first it was very challenging for me, which was to push through blocks and obstacles by writing as much possible ideas/solutions non stop even if they sounded non sense or silly. At first it blocked me even more, could not write anything, I felt it was easier for me to pause and breath or meditate, to listen inwards... that also helps but lately I have been writing every morning and evening whatever comes to my mind and I am getting slowly to some pleasant insights.

About my life... I was just about to do an invitro fertilization treatment with my frozen oocytes of four years ago towards the end of this year,  since I am 41 and still single. I have been saving money for it all year long.  Two months ago I met someone though, a lovely man. Things are progressing slowly, nicely and steadily. I don't know yet where it will go... I focus meanwhile on my other life's areas and on that beautiful continuous quest that is learning about myself  and interacting with others. One thing I wrote just yesterday on my journal is this:

'Today I learned that when I am not thinking or expecting what somebody else's choice is going to be, then hearing from them is just an out of the blue beautiful surprise. And even better, I realize that because I wasn't even thinking about hearing from them, I receive and answer  to their news in a much spontaneous and lovingly way. I am in what I would call a generous receiving place, where I feel free and give them that same freedom where they can choose who they want to be and what it is what they want  to give.'

At the moment I think that my main goal is to learn to rely in my intuition, inner guidance and spontaneous responses, having a lighthearted, peaceful and joyful approach in life and relationships. Trusting and allowing conversations, happenings and life to unfold...  sharing with others, bringing my share to the table and appreciating theirs. Helping and challenging each other in respectful, healthy and  productive ways and enriching our lives in our interactions.

The importance of this sharing, in whatever ways life unfolds, is possibly the strongest message I took from Matthew and his team's work. So a deep thank you again!



P.S. A special hello to Billy and John, with whom I had longer helpful talks there  :-)   I'd like to share also some photos I took during the retreat!