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UPDATE - Robin M -

Things have definitely taken a shift in my life. The biggest thing has been finding my self worth! Actually, I didn't realize it was there until I became aware of how my actions to others and outside circumstances had changed. Instead of allowing someone to hurt me I simply gave them the boundary of what I expected and once crossed I removed them from my life. It's been freeing. Liberating! I've learned that I am worth good treatment and self care! 

Before the retreat I was living only for work and for others happiness. My goal #1 was to start doing activities regularly, in public, not just in my house, and I've followed through with this goal. My relationship has changed with my kids, I've gained a love for life again, my life. I set a boundary with work to no longer be in charge of big overtime jobs, so I've stepped back a bit, and re prioritized my life. 

Goal #2 involves working with my autistic son to help him be more flexible and capable to try more things, hence greatly helping goal #1. It's been really amazing. As my perspective on him, and myself has changed, so has the way I react when things are difficult for him. I'm learning to take care of myself so I can be the patient loving supportive mother I need to be for him. This summer, he's had huge growth leaps in flexibility. We have covered huge ground and I believe it's based in me seeing him as the gift he really is and no longer feeling like the victim for having a son with autism. Recently, his main therapy group is closing their doors and with the help of my parents, I've decided to get the training to do his therapy. Whoa! I would've never had the guts to do this before. 

Goal #3 dealing with finances I haven't had much change in at this point but I am taking steps by educating myself in money and know the work I'm doing will pay off in the long run. 

Lastly, I'm coming up on a one year celebration of being clean (and serene) from addiction and no cigarettes since the day before the retreat, woot! Love you and the inner work you do. ?????