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UPDATE - Lizzie L -

Hey Team! 

My life has changed MASSIVELY since I went to the retreat. It jumped started my fitness and entrepreneurial journeys, and my dive into self-awareness and enlightenment. I went from having SOOOO many negative beliefs about myself, back then, and not really even knowing myself, to today, where I see in a small, I'm sure, but still strong way how much I offer the world, how capable I am, and that I AM ENOUGH. 

Even though honestly I didn't get the results I wanted from the retreat itself...that's OK(!!) bc it pushed me out the door which is what I needed FIRST before I got those results. I wasn't at all ready for them back then.

So I'm IMMENSELY grateful for the role the retreat has played in my life!! Since then, I've ALWAYS looked at the retreat as the start of a whole new era in my life.

I'm so grateful!!