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UPDATE - Lisa P -


Super cool that you are looking for updates on us since the retreat.  Here's my update...

I remember the exact moment my life changed at the retreat. Matt demonstrated the worrier activity with a brave woman on stage.  I actually thought 'I never worry about stuff'. When it was my turn to pair up and do the exercise, my heart started racing and I felt like I was going to throw up.  It was panic.  I felt like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense when he realizes he's dead -- I had no idea I'm a huge worrier!

My stress levels are lower because I am not projecting worst case scenarios or second guessing my decisions. I don't spend much time agonizing about 'what ifs' anymore.  Whatever life throws at me, I know I can handle it. I may be a worrier but I'm also a survivor.

Since the retreat I took a new job with the same company and relocated from WI to TX.  I went through massive change as a result of that decision and I struggled.  I have a different level of faith in myself these days.  I embrace my stubborn nature because it means I don't have to worry I'll give up.  I'm super happy in TX and I'm so glad I took the chance and persevered.

One of the pictures I've attached I took on the last day of the retreat in San Diego on the morning we went home.  The photo is an emotional button and it reminds me that clouds and darkness can be beautiful given the right perspective.

You also asked about stories of friendships...I stay in touch with my roomie Clare.  Though she lives in London and I live in TX, we've met twice in Europe since the retreat.  Once we met for a weekend in Portugal and another time a weekend in Barcelona.  We have lovely adventures together :) I couldn't find any pictures of the two of us but I did find one of me while we were riding the Teleferic de Montjuic in Barcelona.

Love to you and my retreat family!