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UPDATE - Lindsay H & Jen Y -

From Jen: 

The retreat helped me gain some serious clarity and really hyper-focus in on what was important to me to work on moving forward.  I realized that I was in a job that I did not like anymore and that had to change!  I was also in a relationship with someone at the time of the retreat that I truly loved, but it was with a person that was so far outside of the box of this crazy pre-conceived notion of who I thought I would marry. I realized during the retreat that my worries about what others would think were truly holding me back from being 100% with the love of my life! It has been two years since the retreat and nothing has happened over night, but with 1% shifts, I am now in a job that I love and worked really hard to get to and I am married to the person I was dating during the retreat! My last name at the time of the retreat was Perez -- my married name is Yeaw :)  The retreat was a turning point toward a whole new phase of my life and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  

From our trip The 2015 Matthew Hussey Retreat in San Diego proved to be an incredible experience for Jennifer Yeaw and myself. As roommates at the retreat we hit it off immediately and began what has now proved to be an amazing friendship. Inspired by our experience at the retreat we decided to meet up in Washington for a mini reunion. During this time Jennifer approached me with an invitation to join her with family and friends on an epic adventure to Nepal. After two long years of planning, in May 2017 we made our way to Lukla, Nepal on a 14-day trekking adventure to Mount Everest basecamp. What we discovered on our trek left us humbled and speechless in so many ways. Around every corner was another photo opportunity of some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. We encountered many porters and sherpas who risk their lives daily to ensure trekkers and climbers accomplish their goals safely. Many porters carried well over their body weight in food and supplies up the trail. Our group was always welcomed with hot food and open arms at the quant teahouses where we stayed along the way.

And yet our trek to Everest was not without its challenges. The altitude paired with an uneven terrain proved difficult most days. At times we were trekking uphill for hours into high altitude. Many of us suffered from severe headaches, body aches, dry coughs and upset stomachs.  At times we were unsure how much longer we could test our bodies.  As we pushed to basecamp on day 11, at 17,600 ft, we were overcome with emotion having accomplished what we set out to do. We finally made it to basecamp!

Matthew has taught us that 1% shifts done often will produce extraordinary results. This resonates a great deal with our trip to Everest. We set out to walk and in return we learned so much about ourselves and what we are capable of doing. We continue to be grateful to Matthew Hussey and the Retreat team for bringing us together and inspiring us to embrace the journey and not just the destination.