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UPDATE - Cornelia B -

Hello all

My life hasn't drastically changed since the retreat and that's actually good for me.  I tend to be like a pendulum and set my sights on something major (not that it is a bad thing) but I catapult myself there, or swing over like a pendulum only to find myself even further behind in the back swing.  So for me the retreat and the concept of 1% shifts has hit home.  I have become patient with myself and have also not let the questions of others and my fear of their judgement) resonate with me.  (Well not most of the time anyway :). We've talked how family can say things out of their worry that sits and takes up space in your thoughts.  But a reminder it is all out of love. 

I do have goals.... many things in my life I want to accomplish.  My antics if you will.  But right now I have sifted through a lot of the baggage I have left behind.  Things I have ignored and well, they don't go away if you ignore them.  Facing the things that needed attention so I can move forward free of baggage, free of debt, and free of worry.  

When we did one specific visualization at the retreat,  I didn't picture myself,  I pictured my dad who passed a few short months before.  I hurt more that he he still had so much life to live.  So partially I do this in honor of him, because all he wanted was us to live our best life.   I also want that for myself, and my family.  I've heard Matt say in a video and maybe at retreat that some of his initially motivation and may be quoting wrong, was for family. I think that is where a lot of mine comes from.  Don't get me wrong, I want this for myself too.... I won't settle for mediocre.  But there is a weight that I carry that knows I will have to care or provide in some level for my family.  (I'm single but like most families there is 'stuff'.  Don't get me wrong, I am not settling for myself in areas to do this, but rather lighting a fire for me to aim higher, set my sights on bigger rewards and risks, and well paddle through the shit of failures to get there.  I want them to have the resources and get the help that they need.  Including myself, but I am resourceful.... and can do that!)

Anyway, with all that said.  The retreat was and still is a game changer.  I'm can say I wouldn't be where I am without it.  The constant reminders and support of our group.  The continuous videos help keep me for the most part on tract.  And the structure has all been very helpful.

I do hope I can say I'm another 3 mos, that the baggage is gone and I have rewritten my goals and achieved more and closer to the bigger ones.   Actually there isn't hope, it's actually no doubt.  But in either case, like I said you're sorta stuck with me!  :). So you'll get more updates!