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UPDATE - Becky J -

Here are some of my tangible successes from the Retreat:

1. I started a freelance marketing business and I've been billing at at least 99% of my goal for monthly clients since I started. I just onboarded 2 new clients and am planning to increase billing by 25% next year as well as shifting my strategy and investing in more professional development for myself. 

2. I've moved into a goregous apartment and had it professionally decorated.

3. I've lost close to 30 lbs and 7 inches around my waist (photo attached).

4. I joined a CrossFit gym and have consistently gone to classes at least 3 times per week since January of 2016 (right after my first retreat).

5. I've saved an emergency fund and am currently working to pay down my debt without reducing lifestyle.

6. I'm starting a lifestyle YouTube channel in 2018.

7.  I've made a ton of amazing friends in the last 2 years, including retreat women and amazing peeps in my community.

8. I've started doing local improv.

9. I've recently started dating again and had the courage a few times this year to move on from guys that checked a few boxes on my list because I was looking for more. 

Those are the tangible successes and changes. But much more importantly, when I face an obstacle or when I'm facing a huge challenge, or I have something really devastating happen, I know I will get through it with the people and tools the retreat has given me.

I went (in the space of 2 years) from an unemployed person who didn't have direction in life, didn't have a plan and didn't want to get out of bed to a woman who knows she is going to live an amazing life and wakes up every day ready to take another step in achieving that.