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I'm nervous! Is that normal?

YES! It is totally normal to be nervous and a bit apprehensive when you are stepping out of your comfort zone to do something new.

Attending the MH Retreat also means you are choosing to invest both time and money in yourself and, of course, you may be nervous about whether this will be an investment that will pay off for you.  You want this... or maybe you really NEED work.

Don't worry you are in good company as we know that many women are a little bit nervous or anxious about the retreat at this stage for the same reasons. Some may be very nervous. All of this is fine, it's how it should be as big changes do not happen within our comfort zones and taking that step will always make us feel a little unsettled!

So we plan to turn that anxiety into excitement as we guide you through your preparations for the Retreat in the weeks ahead.

Feel free to email the Retreat Team for all the practical help and advice, Charlotte for anything to do with payments, and of course your Retreat Specialist for any questions about the programme and it's benefits for you. The Retreat Team are here to deal with all your questions and will make sure you are totally at ease.