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What is the schedule? Can I have an overview of what to expect?

The Retreat is 6 days of immersive coaching.

Days 1-5 commence at 7am with our 'Morning Movement' on the beach and finish at 6pm (or thereabouts).

However, there are a some timings to note outside of these times:

- We invite you to join us for a “Meet and Greet” welcome reception at 8pm on arrival day

- On day 3 you are invited to our fantastic Luau celebration which commences at 7pm (times vary with seasons).

- We throw a wonderful 'Finale' celebration (usually themed) that goes on until late on Day 5 when the main part of the  Retreat is finished

- Day 6 the Final Day is an addition to the Retreat which is totally focused on all of your Love Life issues. this day has a leter commencement time of 10am and finishes at 3pm when sadly we all have to say goodbye.

You are going to have so much fun!